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Freya - Chapter 9

Not long after that first romantic interlude, Silvy and I sneaked away to the community center in the middle of the night, leaving Cinny in charge of Atsana at home. Silvy said he wanted to 'make an honest woman' of me, which I thought was sweet and old-fashioned of him.

It wasn't long after that I found myself expecting once again, only this time there was nothing but joy and happy anticipation for both of us.
Silvanus had often expressed his worry that his current condition would prevent him from becoming a father. But I always assured him that if my past was any indication, if there was even a small chance of me becoming pregnant, it was bound to happen - sooner rather than later. And it seems I was right.

Cinnamon and Derrick created a beautiful little girl, and moved out into their own little place shortly after. I was so pleased to see that she had inherited tiny cute fairy wings. It remains to be seen if she received part of Derrick's wolfishness as well.

Atsana had grown into childhood, but she had not grown out of her contrariness one bit.
"Atsana! Use some manners! You know we don't eat like that! And change back into a little girl right now. We have to go visit your Aunt Jayne."
"I don't wanna! I like being a wolf! This is how wolves eat. And I don't wanna to go Auntie Jayne's. I wanna stay here with Silvanus."

She was still grumping about it when we arrived at Jayne's. Jayne had taken over her father Andrae's inventing business and was working on something special for me.
"I still don't see why I had to come with you," Atsana whined as I knocked on the door.
"Because, Silvy was busy in the garden and couldn't watch you. And I would have come home to some sort of disaster - like the time you pulled all the stuffing out of the sofa cushions."
"I just wanted to make a nest for my toy yeti. And I never did it again."
I just sighed and knocked again. I wasn't going to get into that argument again. She was right, she had never done that exact thing again. Every time it was something different, and I never knew what it was going to be.

Actually, I had an ulterior motive for making Atsana come with me. I had been asking Jayne for advice in dealing with my little wolf child, and she had agreed to help me out.
"Well, hello there, Atsana," Jayne began pleasantly. "And why are you walking around in wolf form today?"
"I like being a wolf! Raawrrr!"
"I see. Didn't you know that it's impolite to show off your form during the day?"
"Umm.. It is?"
"Of course it is. You don't see me walking around in my wolf form all the time, do you?"

"Well... I guess not."
"Say! I tell you what! My little Robbie is having a birthday tomorrow, and after that I'm going start teaching him how to be a good wolf. How would you like to come over after school and learn with Robbie. Wouldn't that be fun?"
Atsana glanced excitedly back and forth from Jayne to me.
"Mom? Will you let me do that? Please?"
"Of course, sweetie, if that's what you want."
"Oh, I do! Thank you! Thank you Auntie Jayne!"
"Wonderful! We'll see you in a couple days, then. Now I'm just going to go downstairs to the workroom and get your mom's order. Can you help her watch Robbie while I'm gone?"

I had a hard time believing that Robbie was a wolf child - he looked like the spitting image of my  Uncle Marlin, although Jayne never would say who his father was. But he didn't show any sign of fairy wings, and Jayne had insisted many times that he was 'all wolf.' I hope that he and Jayne could tame my little hellion, as I surely wasn't having any success.

It wasn't long before Jayne returned with the surprise I had ordered for Silvy.
"Here you are!"
She placed the heavy item on the counter.
"You're description was so detailed, I didn't have any trouble at all. How did you come up with such an amazing idea, anyway? I'm sure the whole island is going to want one!"
I just shrugged and grinned. I didn't mention Silvy anymore, if I could help it. He still refused to show his face to anyone, and I was tired of the strange looks I got whenever I mentioned him.

"Go ahead, try it out! I used all the beans you gave me to test it, though. I hope you brought more."
I laughed heartily at that. Did I have more? I always carried my sack of coffee beans. I pulled out a handful, and dropped them into the opening on the top.
"Like this?" I glanced over at Jayne. "What do I do next?"
"Just pour some hot water in, and turn that little crank on the front, and wait!"
I watched in amazement as a pungent caramel-colored liquid began to fill the cup. I gingerly took a little sip.
"This is amazing! Thank you so much! Silv..I mean, we're all going to enjoy this. Here, take the rest of my coffee beans. I have lots more at home."

I couldn't wait to get home and show the coffee brewer to Silvy. I held my breath in anticipation as I watched the machine do it's work. He was just as impressed as I had been, to see the coffee pouring out of the pipe into the cup.
"That is amazing, Freya! You got your friend to construct it just on the basis of my descriptions?"

"I got it right then?"
"You did! Thank you so much! It's perfect!"

It was wasn't long after, that I awoke in the middle of the night to what I instantly knew were labor pains.

And shortly thereafter, little Orin was in my arms. I let Silvy name him. He told me that 'Orin' was an ancient fairy name, and he did definitely have the beginnings of tiny fairy wings.

Atsana went every day over to Jayne's, and studied with her cousin Robbie. Her time with Jayne and Robbie seemed to be having a positive influence on her. She did her homework without fussing, and was learning to control her wolf instincts, too.

In fact, she had been so good for so long, I rewarded her with a long anticipated birthday party, at the playground in the center of the island. I made her a cake from my mom's famous recipe, and invited everyone we knew.

Rose and Robbie, two of the wolf cousins, made an appearance. Rose was one of Reva and my brother Andru's many children, and Robbie, of course, was Jayne's.

Gerry's Dax was there, and Dane, too - Jaxon and Jenna's oldest boy, with the pale blonde hair.

Jayne, Gerry and I cheered Atsana on as she grew into a very pretty teenager. Jayne was due any day, but said she wouldn't miss her niece's birthday for the world.

My Cinny was there too, of course, with a newly bulging tummy.
"Another baby so soon?" I was thrilled for her and Derrick.

Later, I overheard her and Atsana talking.
"Maybe you want two babies before you're even eighteen, but that's not for me. I'm gonna have some good times before I settle down to be a mom."
Cinny just smiled and nodded. She'd always been a sweet family girl, and it had always been her dream to have a big family, but she was too nice to argue with her little sister about it.

As for me, I had a hard time enjoying myself. My poor tummy was not doing too well lately, and I was pretty sure I knew why - the same reason my clothes were not fitting any more. I knew it was not really good form to wear almost nothing out to the park, but I just couldn't stand to have any tightness around my waist at all.

"Hey, Auntie Freya,  are you alright?"
"I'm fine, Dax. I just.. uh.. ate too much cake, I think."
"Oh, that's good. Hey, do you wanna dance with me? I love to dance. Nobody wants to dance with me, though."

"I'm sorry, Dax. Not right now. I'm still feeling a little sick. Why don't you ask Atsana?"
"I did. She's busy talkin' to her dad."
Her dad? What was he doing here? I hadn't seen Ezra for ages.

Sure enough, there he was. I wasn't sure how Atsana would react - he'd not really been part of her life up until now. But they were really connecting, and I was glad to see it.

All in all, it was a fantastic party, everyone had a great time, and even Atsana behaved herself admirably.

But I could hardly wait to get home to my Silvy, and my little Orin. I had long ago given up trying to convince Silvy to go out around the village with me, so he had stayed home to take care of the little one while we partied.

He was a good baby, but I was glad to have Silvy to help out as I grew bigger - and bigger. I couldn't even fit in my old maternity clothes anymore.

My only respite from discomfort was the hot spring. There I could forget for a while about the logistics of trying to walk through a doorway, or even trying to take a deep breath. I just kind of floated there with Silvy, nodding off in his arms...

..when suddenly - labor pains! Oof! Aieee! Breathe, Freya!

Twins! Meet Licorice and Basil. We were rather shell-shocked, to say the least.

But I know, that with my Silvanus at my side I can handle anything. The future is looking bright indeed. I can't wait to see what happens next.


This is the last chapter of Freya's story. The Third Degree of Separation will begin soon. There are lots of fourth generation children to choose from. Dax, Robbie, Rose, Dane..

But first, there will be a new 'family photos' post, so you can see how the island is growing!

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  1. Oh squeee! So many new babies! Oh and so many choices for the next generation! And so much new blood in the island thanks to Silvanus~ I can't wait to see the family photos and see who you pick to be the Third Degree! So excited :'D