Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I have been hoping my story progression mod would be updated for Ambitions sooner rather than later, but right now it looks as though it will be awhile. Unfortunately, I'm afraid I'll mess up my saved game by playing without it. I have every intention of coming back to the Greenbow's as soon as possible, but for now, I'm playing around with Ambitions and trying out a Rainbowcy. Just follow the link on the top right for the Prologue.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Rose - Gen 2 Ch 8

New cookbooks are in at the library! I decided to take a break from our hectic daily activities and check them out. Suddenly I felt a sharp pain. The baby was coming early!

No one there was any help, they just all freaked out. What a bunch of sissies. I had to drive myself to the hospital.  Fortunately our new little girl was fine, just a little small.

Gustave wanted to name her Marguerite - he says it comes from "daisy", in French. I think it's a beautiful name. Little Margi is wearing me out, though. She wants to be held all the time. I've never spent so much time watching TV in my life, but Margi seems soothed by the sound.

I was so glad when she grew into a toddler and started sleeping through the night. She has Gustave's hair and my eyes.

Time for another birthday! this time Mason is growing up.

Mason is an enigma to me. He is helpful enough around the house, and seems happy, but I can't shake the feeling he is hiding something, and that things are not quite like they seem with him.

Occasionally I'll hear Margi start to cry, and when I go to investigate, Mason is usually there.

"Oh, poor Margi just fell again and bumped her knee," Mason would say. I wondered, since Margi is not a clumsy child. Something else is going on, I'm sure. I wish Margi could tell me.

Yet another birthday. Both of us are excited! No more diapers!

We bought Margi her very own easel for her birthday. She wants to learn to paint, "just like Grandma", and she does seem to have a talent for it. She also seem to have inherited her Grandpa's eccentric streak - no matter how much I nag, she refuses to wear proper clothes!

Speaking of Daddy, he has been spending more and more time out at the pond, sometimes fishing,but mostly smashing rocks.
"Daddy, its getting late, you should come in!"
"No, Rosie, I'm waiting for Sunny. She promised to meet me at the pond."
I sighed. There is never any use trying to reason with Daddy.

Then one night, he was gone. Just like that. We all went to sleep with Daddy out smashing rocks, and the next morning he just wasn't there.

"Grandma called him and he went with her. Grandpa is so happy." Margi insisted she had heard her grandma in the middle of the night. She is so much like Daddy, I didn't argue with her.

The next morning there was a huge write-up on Daddy in the paper.
"The truth can finally be told. Max Greenbow is honored for his many contributions to sim security. His research into alien invasions has added invaluable information to the military database. And his development of SEA has put Riverview on the map. SEA, or Sim Earth Army, has been working for years to develop non-violent means of combat. Affectionately known by his comrades as "the sim who stares at llamas", Max Greenbow was instrumental in launching this new branch of the military."
Wow! So that was what Daddy's sea research was. I had no idea he was so famous. I guess he really meant it when he said he was doing "top secret" work.

We were all so sad at losing Daddy, Gustave and I decided a change in scenery was in order. We hadn't been to Champs les Sims since Mari was a baby, so we packed up, and off we went.
"Look, there's our house!" Gustave pointed out our cottage on the hill as we flew in.

As soon as we arrived, true to form, Mari fired up the video games, and Margi pulled out a book.
"We did not travel all the way here so you could spend your time playing video games!" I scolded. "This is a family vacation, and we are going to spend time as a family. Come on, I have scheduled a tour of the Nectary."
"Awww, Mom," Mari groaned, but I insisted.

After the tour, there was a nectar tasting. Mari was fascinated, but Mason seemed to be interested in other things.

Although later, he agreed that nectar tasting was quite enjoyable in the right company.
"First, you must let it breathe, then slowly swirl your glass, and notice the "legs". It seems Mason's new friend Alyse is quite the nectar connoisseur.

The next day we spent at the art museum.
 "This is a world famous museum, isn't that Chinese statue fascinating?" I enthused.
"I guess. I miss Shayne. When can we go home?" Mari is not as thrilled as I am to be here. All she talks about is her new boyfriend.

Mason, on the other hand, is thrilled to be here, but not because of the ancient artwork, I'm guessing. He asked to bring Alyse along the museum, but they keep lagging behind.

All of a sudden we realized that Margi wasn't with us anymore.
"Margi! Where are you?" Mari waited where we had last seen her, at the Chinese exhibit.

I rushed off frantically  back to the entrance, my heart pounding, but couldn't find her.

Gustave finally found her upstairs. she had slipped under the ropes at one of the exhibits.
"Margi! get back out here this instant, you're not supposed to be in there! We were all so worried!"

"I'm sorry papa, I didn't mean to scare you, I just wanted to talk to the horses."
"It's okay sweetie, I'm just glad you're safe. Promise you won't run off like that again."

The whole time we have been here, all three kids had been clamoring to visit the old nectary. Gustave kept putting it off until the last day.
"You have to come to terms with it sooner or later, why not now?" I finally convinced him.
We had a wonderful afternoon. I taught the kids how to fish, while Gustave sat on the bank and watched.

Mason and his dad played a little catch.

And we finished our last evening with a picnic on the hill overlooking the old castle. Gustave finally told the story of the abandoned nectary, at least what little he knew.
"All I know is that the Landgrabbs somehow convinced my great grandfather to sign over the deed to them, with a promise he could continue to live there. Of course the promise was never put into writing, and the Landgrabbs had him evicted. Shortly after that, all the Landgrabbs packed up and left, and the nectary and the Landgrabb mansion have been empty ever since."

Just as we were finishing up, who should show up but Alyse.
"I'm so glad you made it. I wanted to see you one last time before we left." Mason is obviously quite smitten with this girl.
I motioned quietly to Gustave and Margi, that is was time to leave.

"Don't forget the picnic basket," I called as we left.
"Yah, Yah," Mason answered distractedly.
He forgot the picnic basket....