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Family Photos - Generation 3

Family Photos - Generation 3

As the Third Degree of Separation begins, there are still twelve households on the island, but the total population has increased from 35 to 50! I was worried for a while there, since my generation three sims were not reproducing at a satisfactory rate. So I messed around in NRaas Master Controller and Woohooer, and changed some parameters, and got a population explosion! 

First thing I did was change the chance of an unexpected pregnancy from 10% to 50%. Then I briefly made it so anyone could get pregnant. I quickly changed that back when I realized one my elderly generation two ladies had gotten pregnant and I couldn't find any clothes for her to wear.

At any rate, here they are - Generation Three and their many children. Generation two (Andrae and Meaghan's generation) have almost all passed on at this point, and a few of Freya's generation have become elders.

First, of course, is Freya's family. I'll be sad to say goodbye to them - Atsana, Freya, Silvanus, Licorice, Basil, and Orin. I have Woohooer set up to make Woohoo always Risky Woohoo, and Freya and Silvy were doing their own thing and she is pregnant again, one day before she would have become an elder. So she is getting a slight reprieve in the aging up department.

Judd passed on long ago, shortly after Dax aged from toddler into child. Dax and his dad Gerry (Freya's brother) live by themselves.

Andru, Freya's other brother, married the wolf Reva and had a handful of children with her. Reva is Andrae's baby sister that was born around the same time as Jaxon, and has recently become an elder. Rose, who was one of the child wolves at Atsana's birthday party, became pregnant shortly after she aged up to teen.The other teen girl is Sonia, the boy child is Tyler, and the two toddlers are Whitney and Jasmine.

After Freya broke up with Jaxon, he married Taryn, the only daughter of the witch Lily and the fairy Carey - and the only one of all Moonflower's grandchildren to inherit her white hair. The two teenage boys are hers from a previous relationship with Jaxon's brother Mica. Nate is the whitehaired teen, and is the father of Rose's baby. The blond teen is Dane. The boy, Morgan, is Jaxon's and Taryn's, and they are expecting again! Jaxon has recently aged up to elder.

Ezra, the second son of Andrae and Meaghan, married Jenna after his brief fling with Freya. Jenna is Eagle's baby sister and is actually a second generation sim like Reva, although age-wise she fits better into the third generation. They have three children, Eddie, Rosa, and the toddler Kylee.

Mica is Andrae and Meaghan's third son, and lives by himself. He fathered two children with Taryn, but he and Taryn are sworn enemies now. He is evil and inappropriate, so I don't look for him to to much in the area of relationships.

Kody is Andrae and Meaghan's fourth son. He has two children. The teen is Molly, and Jasmin is the child. Their mother was Lily. Lily broke up with her husband Carey (Carey and Lily were Taryn's parents) and married Kody in a real May-December relationship. She and Kody had their two children when I briefly enabled elder pregnancy. She passed on the day after Jasmin was born, I think.

The last of Andrae and Meaghan's crew, this is baby Jayne and her family. She has five children with three different fathers. Robbie is a teen now, and his father was Eagle. Eagle really got around, even when he was an elder. The boy is Randy. His father is Casey, one of the wolf Ula's sons. Felicia and Manny are the two toddlers, and the baby is Tia. They share the same father, Carey (the fairy who once was married to Lily).
Carey passed on recently, after getting several reprieves from the Grim Reaper. I think he was onto something, there. He kept getting Jayne pregnant, and Grim would delay his death until the baby was born. Then, boom! Before Grim could collect, pregnant again.

Jace is the oldest son of Ula and Val. He live by himself and have never been in a relationship.

Casey is Ula's second son, from her brief relationship with Eagle. He lives by himself. He fathered Randy with Jayne. You can't see it very well, but he inherited Eagle's sport blue fairy wings, and passed them on to Randy.

This is Shavon, Ula's third child. Val is her father. Shavon recently gave birth to a baby girl after a brief fling with Alick.

Derrick is Ula's and Val's last son. Val died not long after he was born, and Ula died while he was still a teen. He and Cinnamon were married and had two children while they were still teenagers. Now that they are both young adults, Cinnamon is expected again. The girl is Reyn and the toddler is Quin.

Alick, Kat and Ella - a brother and his two sisters, still live together in the old family home. They are the three children of Rudy and Aster, and have never been in a relationship with anyone, until Alick recently gave Shavon a daughter. Maybe he was starting to feel his mortality when he became an elder? Or did I turn on 'allow near relation romance' for a short time just because I love Alick and didn't want to lose his genes? Yeah, it was a real shame, these three are related to everyone in town, except some of the upcoming children.


So there you have it. NRaas Story Progression at work. It seems to be doing a great job keeping the town populated. I just left them all with the names that SP gave them, I'm too lazy to rename forty something sims.
One last note - only three sims from Generation Two never produced any offspring. My lesbian couple, Mishel and Lavender, were the victims of me not realizing that enabling same sex pregnancy was moved to a different place in the Story Progression mod. The other was Marlin, Freya's favorite uncle. He was a loner, and never had a relationship his whole life.

I can't wait to see how they all grow from here!


  1. that's super confusing. could you post a family tree or something?