Sunday, June 30, 2013

Freya - Chapter 1

"Arghh! I just don't get it! Daddy, why do I have to learn this stuff? I'm never gonna use it."
It was obvious that neither one of us wanted to be here, but my dad was insistent that I learn this boring geometry.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Family Photos - Gen 2

Here are the current households as of the end of Andrae's story.

 I thought it would be fun to keep a record of how the island grows from it's initial four families. Right now there are twelve households, one of which has only first generation werewolves Ulric and Lupa living there. There are 16 young adults/adults in the second generation, plus one toddler still from the second generation.  

I'm letting story progression do it's thing with no interference so far. If the male-female ratio doesn't improve soon, I might have to force a few girl babies.

First, of course, we have Andrae and Meaghan's family - five children, four boys and one girl.

Rudy and Aster's family is next in line. An interesting side note: I have autonomous teen try for baby turned on in NRaas Woohooer, and Alick was conceived while the two of them were still teens. I think he's adorable. It's too bad he and Freya are cousins, or I'd make them have a baby. Heck, I might turn on 'allow romantic near relations' and do it anyway. So far the count for Rudy-Aster is three children, one boy and two girls.

Mandrake and Sharee have three children - Freya and two little boys.

This odd-looking fairy here is Carey, the third son of Marten and Fawn. The witch is Lily, one of the twins that were toddlers when I finished Moonflower's story. They have one daughter so far, who inherited her grandmother Moonflower's snow white hair.

This is Ula, Andrae's little sister - the older one of the two wolf girls. She had a brief relationship with Valerian, which she broke off soon after she discovered she was pregnant with his child. The older child is his. After she broke up with Val, she hooked up briefly with Eagle and again was soon pregnant. And again, she broke it off before the baby was born. She and her two little boys live on their own at this time.

Lily's twin Lavender, and Meaghan's little sister Mishell decided early on that they were meant for each other. I have autonomous same sex try for baby turned on, but so far they are being uncooperative in the baby producing department.

Eagle is still single and lives with his parents and his baby sister. He had a brief relationship with Meaghan's little brother, and after that, the affair with Ula. I think his insane trait is hard on relationships.

Val still lives off by himself at the edge of the island. The only relationship he's had was the one with Ula. Like insanity, I think evilness also is not conducive to relationships.

Marlin, the second son of Marten and Fawn, lives by himself and has not been in a relationship yet. I"m not sure why. I think he might be insane, too.

As mentioned above, Meaghan's brother Judd had a brief affair with Eagle, but nothing after that. I checked his gender preference in Master Controller and he's definitely gay, so there's not a lot of choice for the poor guy on this tiny island. He still lives in the family home with his parents.

Andrae's baby sister Reva became a young adult not too long ago. She is still single but has moved out on her own, leaving her elderly parents alone in their home.

And there you have it. Nine boys so far for generation three, and only five girls - six if you count the toddler fairy who is technically part of generation two. Generation two eventually evened itself out, though, so I'm hoping this one will too. 

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Andrae - Chapter 10

I delivered Freya's birthday present the morning of the party, apologizing for the roughness of the telescope's design.
"It was the best I could do with the materials I had."
"No, it's perfect. I really appreciate it. Freya's going to love it. "
"It's the least I could do for all the effort you put into teaching my little terrors."

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Andrae - Chapter 9

Some time has passed since we last looked in on Andrae and Meaghan. Jaxon is now a teen, Ezra has grown into a child, and there is a new addition to the family - little Mica.

Mica giggled uproarously as I tickled him. 
"Do you want to come with Ezra and me to see your cousins? Hmm?"
"Cuzins! Yay!"
"Okay then. Ezra!" I yelled for my middle son. "Let's go see Alick and Ella!"

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Andrae - Chapter 8

"So... what do you think it all means? The glowing orb, the stars, the footprint patterns?"
I had finally gotten old Oakheart to look at the strange room under the Reception Hall. Of all the people on the island, he was the most likely to know what it all meant. He hummed and nodded as I described how the stars had moved from the first time I'd seen them.