Friday, April 30, 2010

Sunflower - Gen 1 Ch 4

Max and I are so happy. Another baby is on the way! Oh, Max's commander was so thrilled about the new training techniques he gave Max a raise! We brought home a wooden pole contraption, and a board breaker, which the military was only to happy to mass reproduce for troop training.

Max was promoted again, this time to something called "wingman." I'm not sure what it all involves but I know Max has to learn to fly a fighter jet. He is not sure about this at all. He's talking about wanting to quit! He doesn't think he can learn to fly a plane. For now I've convinced him to stick with it. "I'm sure you can do it, Max. You've done great so far at everything they've thrown at you. Just give it a try." He looked dubious, but agreed to stay with it.

Another home birth, and adorable baby Rose joined the family.

Max is so good with babies. I love to watch him care for our little ones. He thinks the world of little Rose.

Since we have returned from China, Raven and Sharonda, Heather's little girl, have become fast friends. He loves to go over to her house after school and play tag.

It's Raven birthday! He wanted a big party, so we invited all of our friends. Sharonda cheered him on as he blew out the candles.

Ruby Broke played her guitar, and Doreen and Max's brother Travis kept the beat. I saw Max beckon his dad away from the crowd. I could tell by the expression on Max's face that he is up to something. He and Luke whispered animatedly for a long time. I wonder what they are planning?

Raven looks more and more like his Uncle Travis every day. He's even started wearing his hair the same way.

Raven is such a good boy. As he's grown older, he has developed a neat streak! He insisted on washing up all the dishes for his own party.
That was quite the party! I was exhausted afterward, so grandma Ginny stayed to take care of Rose, so I could get some sleep.

Awww.. I was so caught up in Raven's party, I forgot it was Rose's birthday, too! Luckily, grandma Ginny remembered. She has my hair and eyes.

The last few days Max has been out to his dad's farm more times than I can count, and yesterday afternoon he and Luke were out in the back here, pointing and gesturing until after dark. Max didn't come to bed until really late. They were most definitely up to something big.
This morning as soon as I woke up, he took my hand. "Close your eyes!" he ordered. He started to lead me out in to the grass. "Don't peek! Promise?" I promised. "Okay, you can open them now!"
I opened my eyes, and gasped in surprise.

"Happy Birthday, Sunny!" I was in awe. "You did all this last night? Oh Max, I love it! It's so beautiful. And so many sunflowers!" I kissed him passionately.
"Well, my dad and Travis helped. The flowers came from their farm. I'm really glad you like it." His smile simply lit up his face.

Later I showed Max just how muched I loved him.

Max had stocked my pond with fish! I had always wanted to learn to fish, but it was so hard to get away when there were little ones about. Now my garden will have super fertilizer.

Little Rose is so smart! She figured out the logic blocks in no time at all, and learned to talk practically on her own. But so serious! She hardly ever smiles; she is too busy trying to learn all she can.

Today Rose fell while learning to walk, and skinned her knee. But she didn't even cry! Such a brave little girl.

I wasn't about to forget little Rose's birthday again. We invited the usual crowd. She is so cute, blowing out her own candle. She likes to do everything herself.

Raven thought I wasn't watching, but I saw him flirting with Sharonda at the party. Grandpa Luke rocked out with Auntie Doreen.

Our little house is growing just like our family. We added a front room, and another bedroom.

But Max and I still like our "hedge-room". We added some groundcover, a tree, and of course, sunflowers!
One day Max came home from work looking very serious. "Sunny, my commander is sending me on another mission. I can't take you along, it'll be dangerous. Top secret investigation."
"Can you tell me where at least?" I asked, worried.
"Egypt," Max replied. "I'll be looking for something called mummitomium. And of course investigating the black helicopters. My superiors want me to try and document ancient alien invasions."

Max held me tight, then he was gone.

Max was on his own in Egypt, camping out in the desert.

At least he was given decent transportation. The military provided an all-wheel-drive truck.

Max never said much about that trip, only that it was "harrowing." When I tried to ask him if he found anything, he only pressed a finger to my lips and whispered,"Top secret."

Max was home! Rose was the first one to greet him, running out and flying into his arms. "Oh, daddy, I missed you so much!"

Then she grew suddenly serious, and gave him a proper salute. Max didn't say anything, but I could tell he was moved.

Whatever he did in Egypt earned him officer status. I am so proud of him.

Sunflower - Gen 1 Ch 3

So do you remember that Ginny missed my wedding because she was sick? Well, it turned out she wasn't sick after all, she is expecting! That's right, a new little one at her age, and with two grown sons. She nodded knowingly as I threw up in her toilet, "Yep, that's how it starts." I confided that Max wanted a son, and she advised: " Apples! I ate them constantly when I was pregnant with Travis and Max."

Heather is expecting, too! Wow! She wants another girl. "Wouldn't it be great if our babies grew up to be best friends?" By the time I left, we had our children dating and married. Isn't that silly? They aren't even born yet.

My garden is expanding rapidly, and so am I! Sigh.... Max is at it again. He wants to join the military, but I'm not sure that is such a good idea. He's been talking about it for weeks. I tried to discourage him, but every few days, he's obsessing about it again. He said he wouldn't join unless I think it's a good idea, that he wants me to be happy. I finally gave in, and he was off like a rocket down to the base to join up. I hope I did the right thing.

Max got a promotion! I think perhaps the military is good for him after all. He says it gives him structure, and he also gets to work out all day. He celebrated by buying something he's wanted for a while - a chess set. "Come on, let's play!" He grabbed my hand and dragged me over. "I.. uh.. don't know how to play," I admitted. "That's okay, I'll teach you, it'll be fun!" Max's enthusiasm was contagious. It was fun!

Max loves talking to my tummy. I think the baby can hear him, he kicks whenever he hears his daddy! The big day is getting close.

The baby is coming! I insisted on delivering right here at home, close to nature. I let Max sleep until the last minute, so he wouldn't freak out too badly.

Our little son Raven arrived in the middle of the night. He is such a cutie!

Max is such a good daddy. He is really happy about having a little boy. And Raven seems to like sleeping outside as much as we do. At least he doesn't seem to mind it. It's hard to tell, since he always sleeps so soundly. Nothing wakes him until he's good and ready.

Raven's baby days were so short. He looks more and more like his Uncle Travis every day, with his light blue eyes and even lighter blond hair.

Max and I both worked hard to potty train Raven, and teach him to walk and talk. He is a very slow learner. He is so absentminded he keeps forgetting what he was doing, and has to start over from the beginning. But he finally learned - we were so proud of him.

The days are flying by at the Greenbow's - soldiering, gardening, and raising Raven. Max has a new obsession. He wants to go to China. "China! Why in the world would you want to go to China?" I asked. Max gave a long drawn out explanation of black helicopters and alien invasions that needed investigating. "I'm sorry, love. Even if we could afford it, Raven is still a baby, and I would never leave him behind to travel." Max accepted what I said reluctantly, but I know I'll be hearing about China again.... and again.

"Happy Birthday Raven!" We had a small party with just the family. Grandma Ginny brought waffles to share.

Now that he was a child, Raven wanted "a real bedroom, like Doreen's." Doreen is Ginny's daughter, who was born around the same time as Raven. Nothing like having your aunt be your best friend! Anyway, Max got busy and built a little bedroom for Raven right next to the hedge-room that we slept in.

Raven loves to play with his dad. Catch, tag, chess, you name it. Max spends his days off playing with Raven and trying to teach him athletic skills. One day he suggested to Raven that they go swimming at the town pool, just for something different. Raven totally freaked out! It took us hours to calm him down. Finally we promised that we would never make him go swimming, ever. Max even intimated that he didn't particuarly like the pool, either. The fish like to nibble his toes. So Max and Raven agreed, no swimming!

Max got another promotion! I knew right away because of the easel he was pulling out of his pick-up. He always buys something to celebrate, and he knows I've wanted an easel for just about forever. But that wasn't the only reason he was excited today. He reached in his pocket and pulled out three airline tickets! "Where... how..?" I was speechless.
"From my commander! He wants to send us to China!" His voice lowered to a whisper, "It's top secret. I have to investigate foreign training techniques. But we have to pretend to be just a family on vacation. Do you think you can do that?" I nodded wordlessly, still speechless. Max continued, " He also wants me to check out my black helicopter and alien theories while we are there." I was taken aback. Did the military buy into his "theories"? I'll find out I guess.

China is amazing! Max is very good at "undercover" work. He asked around like a true tourist until he found someone willing to teach him some Chinese athletic moves. He was a bit miffed to find out his instructer was an old lady, but she kicked his butt! He is an exceptionally good athlete, and it surprised him there was something totally new to learn. He threw himself into the training wholeheartedly. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately,his training leaves him little time to investigate his theories. I'm sure he'll be itching to return if he doesn't find anything.

Raven spent his days fishing outside the hotel, and in the evening he and Max perfected their chess moves.

As for myself, I found a bulletin board with job postings that I thought I'd try out. I thought it would be fun to meet some local people, and make some money in the process. Little did I know that the "jobs" involved mucking about in tombs. I've never been so scared in my entire life!

Our room is so pretty, on the second floor of the hotel, with an open archway leading to a balcony. It's almost like sleeping outside! Our last night in China, Max had something on his mind. "Sunny, I think it's time we made another baby. Please? Maybe a girl this time?"

How could I resist that sexy smile?

All I'll say is our last night in China was a night to remember.