Friday, December 27, 2013

Dax - Chapter 2

I sighed heavily as I gazed out over the sea from my bedroom window. Once again I couldn't sleep, and stood there watching as the dawn crept slowly across the water. That lilting sea song that I had heard wafting over the waves so many weeks ago still haunted my dreams and waking hours.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Dax - Chapter 1

I sighed heavily but silently. It wouldn't do to let my dad know I didn't really appreciate these weekly visits to Papa Judd's grave. I barely remembered him any more. He died when I was really small. But Dad still misses him terribly, so I always come along with him. He had never found anyone else in all those intervening years, and we still live far out on the sand, in same house where Dad and Papa started their lives together, and where I was born.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Family Photos - Generation 3

Family Photos - Generation 3

As the Third Degree of Separation begins, there are still twelve households on the island, but the total population has increased from 35 to 50! I was worried for a while there, since my generation three sims were not reproducing at a satisfactory rate. So I messed around in NRaas Master Controller and Woohooer, and changed some parameters, and got a population explosion! 

First thing I did was change the chance of an unexpected pregnancy from 10% to 50%. Then I briefly made it so anyone could get pregnant. I quickly changed that back when I realized one my elderly generation two ladies had gotten pregnant and I couldn't find any clothes for her to wear.

At any rate, here they are - Generation Three and their many children. Generation two (Andrae and Meaghan's generation) have almost all passed on at this point, and a few of Freya's generation have become elders.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Freya - Chapter 9

Not long after that first romantic interlude, Silvy and I sneaked away to the community center in the middle of the night, leaving Cinny in charge of Atsana at home. Silvy said he wanted to 'make an honest woman' of me, which I thought was sweet and old-fashioned of him.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Freya - Chapter 8

It was days after I cast the spell that freed him, and Silvanus was still shocked and overwhelmed by the change, both to himself and to the island.
"Where did it all go? The stone buildings, the monuments, and the land itself? Why, it's less than half the size it used to be! Even the weatherstone is gone!"
"Weatherstone?" I asked, intrigued.
He just shook his head sadly.
"It doesn't matter any more. It's all gone. And just look at me! How can I allow myself to be seen in this state?"
I tried again to tell him I thought his leafy green appearance was amazing, but he was not in a mood to listen.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Freya - Chapter 7

"Oh my, it certainly looks like you could use some help, dearie."
I'm quite sure I was never so glad to see anyone, as I was to see Aunt Aster as she breezed into my nursery a few days after my little wolf girl was born. It had been another sleepless night; her cries of hunger had awakened me every hour.
"Now, let me have a look at your little Atsana. What did you name her?"
"Uh.. Atsana?" I mumbled, deep in the throes of sleep deprivation. "Um. Name her? I haven't thought of a name yet."
Aster grinned at my incoherence.
"That's what Rudy always called our girls when they were little. He says it was his mother's pet name for her little wolf girls."

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Freya - Chapter 6

"What shall we do for your birthday party, baby love?"
Cinny grinned and leaned close to whisper in my ear.
"Fairy party, mama!"